Women warriors

Of the three military dramas storming onto the network schedule this fall, “Valor” is the most compelling, thanks to its focus on female helicopter pilots. The writers also seem more interested in exploring moral conflicts than in getting the special-effects department to work overtime.

8 p.m. Mon., WUCW, Ch. 23

More than a game

“American Capitalists” makes the “Shark Tank” panel look downright lazy by having its entrepreneurs venture out in the field, where they test products like new mountain bikes and portable gyms. It helps that the investors, including gymnast Shawn Johnson East and NFL veteran Dhani Jones, are all former athletes and incredibly game to try anything.

9 p.m. Tue., CNBC

Going through the motions

No one expects the new version of “Dynasty” (with Elizabeth Gillies as the scheming Fallon) to be a candidate for “Masterpiece Theatre,” but you may be surprised by the relentless stupidity of a soap where the mustache twirling and catfights seem as obligatory as doing the laundry. If producers can’t finagle Joan Collins for a guest appearance, the least they could do is fly the scene stealer in for a pep session with the cast. First class, of course.

8 p.m. Wed., WUCW, Ch. 23

Neal Justin