People are still strange

“Stranger Things,” the phenomenon that managed to pay loving tribute to ’80s movies while scaring the goonies out of binge watchers, returns for a second season that takes place roughly a year after we last left those adorable kids. Paul Reiser replaces Matthew Modine as The Familiar Face haunting the proceedings. For a full review, see Sunday’s Variety section.

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Killer thriller tonight

If “Thriller” gets your heart racing, be prepared to dance the night away during “Michael Jackson’s Halloween,” an animated special set to the King of Pop’s greatest hits. CBS stars Jim Parsons, Lucy Liu and Lucas Till provide the non-singing voices.

7 p.m. Friday, WCCO, Ch. 4

Making it through the night

Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss are among the country stars who gathered to celebrate “The Life & Songs of Kris Kristofferson,” a concert taped earlier this year in Nashville. Stick around for the all-star finale performance of “Why Me.”

9 p.m. Friday, CMT

Mr. Success

“Bang! The Bert Berns Story” turns a sympathetic spotlight on the late writer/producer behind “Twist and Shout,” “Piece of My Heart” and other rock and soul standards. His son, Brett Berns, serves as director, which perhaps made it easier to secure commentary from the likes of Paul McCartney and Van Morrison, but may keep viewers from getting the full picture of a personality who was volatile enough to tick off Neil Diamond.

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Neal Justin