Heeeeere's Vinny!

File this concept under the World Is Coming to an End: "Jersey Shore"'s Vinny Guadagnino gets his own talk show, titled "The Show With Vinny" (9 p.m., MTV). Celebrity guests like Mark Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy agree to be interviewed in Guadagnino's home. Somewhere up there, Edward R. Murrow is shedding a tear.

Messing with the wrong people

"The Sopranos" veteran Steve Schirripa shows that Tony Soprano isn't the only one who can hold a grudge in "Karma's a B*tch!" (9 p.m., ID), a new series that pays tribute to real people who found brilliant ways to get their revenge.

Double duty

If anyone could use a laugh these days, it's Matt Lauer, who seems to be getting the blame for everything from the "Today" show's fall to the long, snowy April. He's certain to get some relief when he stops by the guest-friendly "Tonight Show With Jay Leno" (10:35 p.m., KARE, Ch. 11).

Neal Justin