Dearly beloved ...

It’s hard to believe, but it’s the 30th anniversary of “Purple Rain,” the movie that gave us permission to go crazy over Prince. Both the film and music hold up, especially the playful numbers by Prince and Morris Day in our beloved club, First Avenue. Take another look, if only to remember what it sounds like to hear doves cry. 7 p.m. VH1 Classic

Date night

“Undateable” isn’t a great sitcom, but it’s better than what the networks usually serve us during the summer months. I’m particularly impressed by Ron Funches, a stand-up comedian who plays a supporting role with a surprisingly light touch for such a large man. I had never heard of him before, but am eager to see what he does next. 8 p.m. KARE, Ch. 11

Rock solid

This month on TCM, every Thursday is dedicated to Rock Hudson, whose acting chops were often overshadowed by his remarkable good looks. He’s at his best in Douglas Sirk’s stylish “All That Heaven Allows” (9 p.m.) and the George Stevens epic “Giant” (10:45 p.m.), in which Hudson goes up against a very angry James Dean.

Neal Justin