Who's that girl?

Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers banter with ease in 1952's "Monkey Business," which finds a chemist's chimpanzee at the center of attention, but for reasons that are not quite clear a young blonde named Marilyn Monroe nearly steals the show. 8 p.m. Saturday, TPT, Ch. 2

Both sides now

Liev Schreiber directed the 2005 feature film "Everything Is Illuminated," starring Elijah Wood, but he's never offered his behind-the-scenes services to TV — until now. The actor takes the reins in a game-changing episode of his series, "Ray Donovan," giving his character even more headaches to handle. 8 p.m. Sunday, Showtime

I want my MTV

How big have the "MTV Video Music Awards" become? Consider that the Emmy Awards were moved to Monday, in large part because it didn't want to compete with Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, who will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. While Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke will not be on the main stage this year, they will be offering lap dances in the back room. 8 p.m. Sunday, MTV

Giddy up!

In the new animated series "BoJack Horseman," Will Arnett voices a washed-up sitcom star who's more interested in living in the past than writing his long overdue memoir. Oh, did we mention that BoJack is half-horse, half-man prone to gobbling cotton candy until he pukes? Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has created a colorful, sardonic world for his talented cast, which includes Amy Sedaris and Aaron Paul. Now streaming on Netflix.

Neal Justin