A little romance

“Legally Blonde” came out in 2001, a time when rom-coms were box-office gold. These days, the genre has hit hard times, leaving us to look back wistfully to an era in which being America’s Sweetheart was a badge of honor. Reese Witherspoon will do her best to regain the title when she returns to the role of Elle Woods in a sequel currently in production.

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Magical mystery tour

Riding the “Coastal Railways With Julie Walters” is a first-class trip across England and Scotland, thanks to the charm and quick wit of the “Harry Potter” star, who seems genuinely thrilled to be playing tour guide for us mere Muggles.

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The last fling

What happens in Vegas ... can’t compare to what Nashville has to offer. That’s the lofty goal of the party-planning firm profiled in the new reality series “Bachelorette Weekend.” When the staff members have nicknames like “The Tornado” and “The Flirt,” you can expect plenty of fireworks behind the scenes.

10 p.m., CMT