Put a ring on it

“GLOW” has lost much of its luster since its knockout of a first season — and transplanting the action to 1980s Las Vegas does little to get the sitcom’s shine back, especially since the writers have become obsessed with having all the wrestlers dive into the dating game. That said, it’s still a hoot watching the diverse cast try putting sexism in a headlock. And casting Geena Davis as a casino operator was a stroke of genius.

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Turn to Stone

“Straight Up Steve Austin” allows the former professional wrestler to engage in “bromances” with guests, including comedian Rob Riggle, who are downright giddy to be around the host. “Stone Cold” is so busy showing off his jacked-up Jeep and crushing abandoned cars with a tank that there’s barely time for questions.

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The story of David

Akili McDowell makes a striking debut as the title character in “David Makes Man,” a new series about a teenager determined to break out of the South Florida projects with the help of a no-nonsense teacher (the always gripping Phylicia Rashad) and mysterious mentors. You’ve seen this tale before, but creator Tarell Alvin McCraney relies on his own personal experiences and eloquent style to make this as poetic and moving as his Oscar-winning screenplay for 2016’s “Moonlight.”

9 p.m. Wed., OWN

Neal Justin