Jocks who jig

Tonya Harding and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are the most intriguing MVPs in an all-sports edition of "Dancing With the Stars." The casting stunt makes sense; 10 athletes have been crowned champs over 25 seasons.

7 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5

A space odyssey

One of Hollywood's most successful but maddeningly sporadic film directors has found a new way to procrastinate with "AMC Visionaries: James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction," a limited docu-series determined to showcase every movie from the genre short of "My Stepmother Is an Alien." You won't learn much, but it's fun to observe earthlings like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott talk shop with Cameron.

9 p.m., AMC


Those itching for a wimpier Sherlock Holmes may want to revisit "Elementary," which kicks off its delayed sixth season with Jonny Lee Miller's version of the famed detective, who is more obsessed with mortality than Moriarty. The shift in personality makes Holmes a bit more humane — and a lot more humdrum.

9 p.m., WCCO, Ch. 4

Neal Justin