Glamour magazine says few colors are as flattering as turquoise. Anyone can wear it.

And the same applies to interiors. Turquoise complements almost any style decor, and can be considered timeless as we grab vintage pieces found at garage sales to use with newfound accessories today.

Perhaps that’s why we won’t see the most recent turquoise trend waning anytime soon.

Turquoise is easy on the eyes and plays well with other colors. It feels as fresh as a summer breeze, yet works perfectly during the frosty holidays, too.

You might wonder if there’s such a thing as too much turquoise. Not according to blogger Erin Olson Moser of Excelsior and her “House of Turquoise” blog (

Moser makes a living blogging about turquoise, her favorite color, and selling affiliate accessories on a companion website.

“I had a personal blog that I started in college in 2002,” Moser said. “I was posting a lot of turquoise interiors, and my audience grew.”

Moser was on to something early that the retail community also knows. Turquoise is ubiquitous, available at unique boutiques as well as retail giants like Target.

Pantone was late to the game, naming turquoise its color of the year for 2010.

Moser has seen it all — from rooms that are top-to-bottom turquoise to soft, subtle touches in accessories.

“Using turquoise in accessories is the most affordable,” Moser said. “And you can change it out with the seasons.”

Turquoise looks best in small doses — a throw pillow here, a coffee-table accessory there.

If you like your interiors soothing, shop for soft aqua shades, and use them against creamy whites for a sea glass-and-sand experience.

“Bright turquoise looks very modern against pure white,” Moser said.

Working with aqua

• For a relaxing room, try using aqua accessories against a soft white backdrop.

• “The Comfort of Color” author Susan Sargent says blues lower blood pressure and help cure insomnia.

• A bedroom or master bath can be the place to try soft aqua hues mixed with pale pewter grays, cream colors or both.

Working with turquoise

• According to Sherwin-Williams, turquoise is a cross between blue, which evokes peace, calm and tranquility, and the fresh growth of green.

• Use pure turquoise with equally strong colors such as white, orange, yellow and indigo blue. Little bits are best popped around a room to add fresh notes to your neutral decor.