Sports fans are an admittedly strange breed sometimes. We delight in obscure trivia questions -- or even just long-forgotten names from the past (hearing the name Richie Zisk, for instance, makes us think immediately of collecting baseball cards, even though he wasn't a noteworthy card).

Another hidden delight: finding a person wearing an obscure jersey. We have a friend who texts us every time he spots someone wearing one around downtown. Some of his greatest finds so far: Herman Moore and Dejuan Wagner. We also share in this strange obsession, as you can see by the picture we shot yesterday at the State Fair. Yes, that is a man holding a child while wearing a Fuad Reveiz jersey. If you don't remember Fuad-o-matic kicking field goals for the Vikings during the early half of the 1990s, well, that man surely does.

One more not-so-subtle big day: season ticket selection day, which happens to be today for our crew of six. Each of us will be getting about 14 games next year at Target Field. The excitement of yours truly is eclipsed perhaps only Local Quipster, who this morning sent the text message that "Season ticket day makes christmas seem like flag day! !!!" (And no, Local Quipster is not Tim Brewster. He just punctuates like the Gophers coach). The ticket selection commences in about 1.5 hours. It is going to be festive.

That begs the question: what are some other underrated moments in a sports fan's life? You know, the things that make up for all the times your team happens to lose?

We await your thoughts in the comments.

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