One-quarter of the way through the NFL season (for most teams, except the Panthers and Packers, who couldn't even be bothered to play this past weekend during their increasingly lost season), there are 20 QBs on pace to throw for more than 4,000 yards.

Last year, 11 QBs did it. Ten years ago, in 2003, two QBs did it.

At some point, the NFL will change rules and help out pass defenses a little bit more. But as it is now, it is a great time to be a very good -- or even average -- NFL QB.

It is, dare we say, a Golden Age. This underscores the Vikings' sputters in the passing game for much of this season and last. It also brings us to one man who could completely demolish the record books this season: Peyton Manning.

He will almost certainly not keep up his pace, but right now it is eye-popping. Through four games, Peyton has 16 TD passes and ZERO interceptions. He has an otherworldly passer rating of 138.0. He has thrown for an average of almost 370 yards per game. Extrapolate everything over the course of a full season and he will finish with 64 TD passes, no INTS and nearly 5,900 yards passing. And to think there was once an honest debate over whether the Broncos should have brought him in and dispatched Tim Tebow.

Oh, and he is also completing 75 percent of his passes and averaging 9.4 yards per ATTEMPT. 

That is Rick-Diculous. He's like 2009 Brett Favre but even better. Giving him Wes Welker should be examined for just how unfair it was.

Of course, Drew Brees is nipping at his heels. The TD/INT ratio (10/4) isn't as good, but he is just 36 yards behind Manning. Li'l Aaron Rodgers, in three games, has already topped 1,000 yards.

The adage that three things can happen when you throw and two of them are bad? Obsolete. Manning's Broncos and Brees' Saints are both 4-0.

It is, indeed, a Golden Age.

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