We pretty much gave up on last night's Wolves game, which is not like us. Ask anyone: we tend to have hope, even when there is no hope. It is a great source of amusement with the RandBall Better Half; she just doesn't understand that those rare times when hope is rewarded makes it worth all the other times when it isn't.

At around 8 last night, the Wolves were losing big in Brooklyn. We were about to eat dinner. And instead of watching the rest of what was looking like a blowout, we conceded that a DVRed episode of "Chopped" was a more meal-friendly viewing option.

Lo and behold, the Wolves came storming back. Luckily, the TV was still on FSN when we made the DVR switch, so we could go back and watch the comeback. Still, after it happens, it's not the same. Lessons learned, which include:

*Never just throw Skittles into a salad if you are a Chopped competitor.

*Don't give up on this Wolves team. Even without Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love right now, this team is exceedingly deep -- giving Rick Adelman the kinds of experimental options to turn a game around even when all looks lost. Last night, it was a small lineup comprised of almost all reserves. Chase Budinger was terrific, as was Dante Cunningham. Alexey Shved made a few huge shots.

The Wolves crushed the Nets on the boards, 46-30, and outscored them 60-34 after the break.

We say this without a hint of sarcasm: Once Love and Rubio return, this might be the deepest Wolves team in franchise history. There will be legitimate rotation options who barely see the court. That, as they say, is a nice problem to have -- particularly when you have seen the opposite true just a few years earlier.

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