One of the greatest stories of this wacky baseball season has been the Washington Nationals, who completed their epic journey from the doldrums to first place by clinching the NL East and a postseason spot Monday night -- and returning playoff baseball to Washington D.C. for the first time since 1933.

The much-discussed subplot to the Nationals' season, of course, was the Stephen Strasburg situation. Not wanting to risk further injury to the Tommy John surgery comeback kid with electric stuff, the Nats shut him down in the middle of the pennant race after establishing an innings limit well beforehand.

Strasburg went 15-6 this year, often tossing six innings and then letting the bullpen do the rest. He hasn't pitched since Sept. 7. All of which leads to what he tweeted Monday night -- and how one simple usage error changed the entire meaning and made it utterly hilarious.


He means, of course, to say that he is blessed to be "a part of it." Instead? Well, "apart of it" is rather apt, too.

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