Don Baylor, the former AL MVP who died Monday at age 68, was the modern-era MLB leader in number of times being hit by a pitch (267) when he retired. He was beaned so often that his lifetime on-base percentage was 20 points higher (.342 vs. .322) because of it.

• Per the Chicago Tribune, new Wolves forward Jimmy Butler took 35 Bulls employees out to dinner Sunday as a "thank you" gesture.


Adalberto Mejia could take a lesson from Bartolo Colon when it comes to economy of pitches. He's thrown at least 90 pitches in each of his past three starts, but he hasn't gone more than five innings in any of them. Mejia will get another chance against the Brewers (7 p.m., FSN).


"Don Baylor was a huge pickup for the Twins [in 1987]. I remember thinking that the front office finally got someone that could help the team. Wonderful how it all worked out."

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"Sources:Milt Newton is finalizing a deal to become assistant GM with Milwaukee. He was Minnesota's GM under Flip Saunders' regime." @wojespn