The last three teams Torii Hunter has left have had a major drop-off from the previous year. The Angels went from 89 to 78 wins the year after he left. The Tigers went from 90 to 74. And this year's Twins sure look like they could go from 83 to … fewer than 83. It's a small sample size that might mean nothing, but there also could be something to the leadership he provides.


Alex Meyer, the prize from the long-ago Denard Span trade, will make his first major league start for the Twins on Tuesday against the Astros. At age 26, he's running out of time to be a prospect. 7 p.m., FSN.


"Patterson [has] all that potential talent and he just wasted it. Diggs proved that last year with his success. Somebody will pick him up and maybe a change of scenery is what he needed. But what a waste."

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"Thru 103 pitches, Ricky Nolasco's ERA stood at 3.24. That 104th (and final) pitch to Castellanos cleared LF wall, plumped his ERA to 4.05."