After opening in an old warehouse, Trylon moved to spiffy new quarters in 2017. /Leila Navidi

Trylon Microcinema has encouraged moviegoers to take a chance on lesser-known titles for years, so it makes sense that the Minneapolis revival house is celebrating its 10th anniversary by asking fans to come to movies without knowing the titles.

It's $10 per show or $40 if you want to do the whole day of five movies, Saturday, Sept. 21. If you need some clues about what you'll be seeing, Trylon offers that the 1 p.m. movie is a classic Japanese comedy ("Tampopo," maybe?), the 3 p.m. show is a 1970s crime drama ("French Connection?"), 5 p.m. is film noir ("Detour" sure would be fun and it's short enough to accommodate a dinner break), 7 p.m. is a classic French thriller (sounds like it could be "Diabolique" or "Rififi") and 9 p.m. is kung fu action ("Enter the Dragon" is one of zillions of possibilties there).

Those are just guesses, of course. If you want to know for sure, you'll have to get tickets at or go to the Minneapolis theater at 2820 E. 33rd St. 

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