President Donald Trump's campaign announced Wednesday that he had raised $24.8 million over 24 hours as he kicked off his re-election bid, an enormous haul that punctuates the financial advantage he is expected to enjoy over his Democratic challengers in 2020.

Trump's one-day total was more than any Democratic presidential candidate raised in the entire first quarter of 2019, though it included money that went to joint fundraising committees with the Republican National Committee. It came as he held a huge rally in Orlando on Tuesday night, telling throngs of supporters that his new campaign slogan would be "Keep America Great."

Democratic strategists have fretted that Trump will spend 2019 building up a large war chest while the 23 Democrats running for president raise far smaller sums and then use that money in the primary campaign.

Trump had already raised nearly $100 million for his re-election effort by the end of March and had more than $40 million still on hand at that time. His campaign has spent millions of dollars on online advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google to find potential small donors, an investment that appeared to pay off handsomely Tuesday.

A spokesman for the RNC said the $24.8 million figure was the total for the Trump campaign and its two joint fundraising committees with the party, which can accept checks for larger sums.

Republicans organized a day of phone calls to major donors Tuesday to maximize their fundraising haul.

All told, $6 million was raised online, with an average contribution of $44; $8 million came from the phone-bank operation run jointly by the campaign and the RNC, and $10.8 million came from larger donors to the RNC, a party official said.

The single-day take of $24.8 million was nearly quadruple what former Vice President Joe Biden collected in the 24 hours after he officially declared himself a candidate, $6.3 million. Biden's 24-hour total was the best of any Democrat in the race.