Transplants explain what drew them to Minneapolis/St. Paul:

"People here are dedicated to their careers, but they also carve out a time for family and friends."

Lacey Dunham, 29, publicist for book publisher; moved here from Washington, D.C.

"I really love that Minneapolis is a blend of the high energy and the tranquility."

Jennifer Mergen, 32, hypnotist; moved from Brainerd

"I was kind of surprised to see how many companies are headquartered out here."

Akilah Mahon, 26, compensations analyst for Cargill; moved here from Kansas City

"Every weekend if I wanted to do something different, I can find something different to do."

Kendall Johnk, 24, communications manager for Cub Foods and Hornbacher's; moved here from Moorhead

"Everybody is out-doors."

Ryan Cox, 27, works in sales at technology consulting company; moved here from Fort Myers, Fla.