Chris Coleman

A lifelong resident of St. Paul, Chris Coleman was elected mayor in 2005. Coleman earned both his bachelor's and juris doctor degrees from the University of Minnesota and was active in local politics for years before his election. Coleman also worked for a decade as a public defender in Hennepin County before going into private practice.

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St. Paul, Minn.



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Current Office:


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Previous Offices:

St. Paul Mayor 2005-2008

St. Paul City Council


Wife, Connie; children, Molly and Aidan


University of Minnesota

Mailing Address:

15 Kellogg Blvd. W., St Paul, MN 55102




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St. Paul mayor rejects City Council proposal on police body cameras, residency incentives for police

ARTICLE Updated: Feb 20 2015 - 7:30 PM

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has rejected a City Council call for a pilot program aimed at equipping police with body cameras, saying the department already is studying the issue.“Chief [Thomas]...

Lantry named new public works director in St. Paul

ARTICLE Updated: Jan 21 2015 - 5:12 PM

Ever since St. Paul City Council President Kathy Lantry announced months ago that she wouldn’t seek re-election this year, one of the guessing games at City Hall has been what she will do next.The...

Coleman vetoes council effort to expand library hours

ARTICLE Updated: Dec 16 2014 - 11:46 AM

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Monday vetoed the City Council’s move to extend evening hours at seven branch libraries, saying that the funding source the council would tap isn’t “steady and...

St. Paul City Council passes budget with most of what mayor wanted — and then some

ARTICLE Updated: Dec 11 2014 - 5:17 AM

The St. Paul City Council on Wednesday approved virtually everything that Mayor Chris Coleman wanted in the city’s 2015 budget, including $34 million to tackle the “Terrible 20”...

St. Paul Mayor Coleman announces paid parental leave plan for city workers

ARTICLE Updated: Oct 15 2014 - 3:58 PM

With the support of City Council members, labor groups and community leaders, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Wednesday rolled out his plan to provide paid parental leave to city employees.If the...

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