Blue Jay

Jay Leno has never been much of an actor, but he may deserve an Emmy for his I'm-OK-you're-OK response to this being his last week as host of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." We've seen this bit before. Jay, if you're really cool with handing over control to a younger model, then I've got a 1998 Toyota I'd like to sell you. This week should have some fine moments, most notably a Tuesday performance from the program's most frequent musical guest, Lyle Lovett, and an appearance by Billy Crystal on Thursday's final show. But the real drama begins once Leno is on the sidelines. Nothing has been announced, but expect his path of vengeance to include an appearance on "The Late Show With David Letterman" — sooner rather than later. Final show, 10:35 p.m. Thu., KARE, Ch. 11

The mild, mild West

Dudley Riggs veteran Mo Collins hasn't been seen much on screens these days, but she can be heard on "Sheriff Callie's Wild West," the first western for preschoolers. In other words, everyone saddles up to the saloon bar for cookies and milk. Collins voices three characters, including newspaper editor Abigail Crain, who's front and center in this new episode. 4 p.m. Mon., Disney Junior

Out of the family

There have been too many reality series that treat the Amish as novelty characters, right up there with the cast of "Jersey Shore." Thank goodness for "American Experience," which treats the religious community with respect, while still exposing the harsh treatment given to those who leave the flock in "The Amish: Shunned." 8 p.m. Tue., TPT, Ch. 2

Standing tall

"Super Skyscrapers" kicks off with an in-depth look at One World Trade Center, an appropriate opener since the new building, at 1,776 feet high, is now the country's tallest. Coming soon to PBS: A Midwest winter version titled "Super Icescrapers." 9 p.m. Wed., TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin