Minnesota loves its Masons and its Logans. Both names rank top five for the most popular baby boy names in the state in 2010, even though those names only rank 12th and 17th, respectively, on the U.S. list. The state version of the most popular 2010 names was released Tuesday by the Social Security Administration.

Here are the top 10 lists for comparison:

Rank Top Boy Names, 2010, MN  Top Boy Names, 2010, US  Rank Top Girl Names, 2010, MN  Top Girl Names, 2010, US
1 Mason Jacob 1 Ava Isabella
2 Ethan Ethan 2 Olivia Sophia
3 William Michael 3 Sophia Emma
4 Owen Jayden 4 Isabella Olivia
5 Logan William 5 Emma Ava
6 Jack Alexander 6 Abigail Emily
7 Samuel Noah 7 Ella Abigail
8 Jacob Daniel 8 Addison Madison
9 Jackson Aiden 9 Grace Chloe
10 Carter Anthony 10 Emily Mia

Interesting that Minnesota only shares three names in common with the U.S. list of most popular boy names. Owen and Carter barely rank top 50 in the U.S. No doubt Minnesota's larger white population, compared to other states, has an influence on which names reach the top of the list. But its Scandinavian roots don't exactly show up, even in the top 100 list. No Sven, no Ole or Lena, no Kirsten. Not even an Erik, or Eric, for that matter.

Politics don't matter much, either. Neither of Minnesota's rumored candidates for president, Tim Pawlenty or Michele Bachmann, cracked the state's top 100 lists for boy and girl names. (Their names didn't make the Iowa list, either, but at least Timothy ranked 110th among boy names in New Hampshire!)

What does show up is the influence of pop culture. Does the popularity of Carter in Minnesota owe to dads who were star-struck by Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter? Brooklyn didn't crack the top 100 list until 2004, but the name ranked 29th last year -- when Brooklyn Decker made the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

The rising popularity of the boy name Bentley (82nd in Minnesota, 101st in the U.S.) apparently owes to a reality TV show in which a teen-age mom's baby bears that name.

Levi likewise has become popular again, perhaps because of headlines featuring Levi Johnston and his on-again, off-again relationship with Bristol Palin. Levi shot up from 51st in 2009 in Minnesota to 32nd last year. Bristol doesn't crack the state's top 100 list, though.

Names that dropped off Minnesota's top 100 in 2010: Ashton, Aidan, Caden, Cody, Gage, Jonah, Kaden, Kevin, Lincoln and Preston. Also Alivia, Annika, Bailey, Greta, Isabel, Jasmine Kaitlyn, Keira, Kendall, Lyla, Maria, Mckenna and Sadie.

Names that weren't on the top 100 in 2009 but made the 2010 list: Asher, Bentley, Calvin, Easton, Emmett, Hudson, Miles, Ryder and Tanner. Also Aaliyah, Ashlyn, Brielle, Brynn, Clara, Elise, Harper, Hazel, Jocelyn, Khloe, Naomi, Norah, Rylee and Teagan.


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