After learning that three people found needles in their turkey sandwiches on Delta flights from Amsterdam to the U.S., I've done a little digging into airline food safety. People, it is scary. Turns out, the catering companies that service U.S. airlines, checked on by the Food and Drug Administration, have faulty freezers and scurrying cockroaches. It's probably not unlike what inspectors find at some restaurants -- probably some that we love. And I myself found the excrement of mice on my kitchen counter once when I lived in a clean apartment builfing in Washington, D.C. -- and while I was freaked out, I continued to cook dinner there. Still, needles in a sandwich? The only caterer preparing my family's meal for our next flight is ME. In light of that, a list of the top ten foods you can get through security (skip yogurt, which is considered a liquid) and enjoy onboard.

10. meal replacement style power bars

9. dried fruit and m&ms

8. grain-based salad: quinoa anyway?

7. string cheese and crackers

6. ramen noodles (a flight attendant will bring you hot water)

5. breakfast burrito

4. bagels and cream cheese

3. fresh vegetarian spring rolls

2. crusty baguette with cheese and pre-sliced salami

1. a turkey sandwich made by yours truly.