Furniture makeovers

Repainted and repurposed furniture is all the rage, but just slapping on a coat of paint doesn’t always yield high-quality results. Furniture redesigner Barb Blair shares her methods for doing the job right in “Furniture Makeovers: Simple Techniques for Transforming Furniture” (Chronicle Books, $24.95).

Blair, owner of Knack Studios (, gives readers all the basics they need to take on their own projects, right down to suggesting her favorite brands of paintbrushes and furniture wax. Unlike many do-it-yourself books, this one is dedicated mostly to teaching techniques rather than providing projects to copy, although she does share 30 of her favorite makeovers.

Readers will learn what to look for when they’re buying used furniture, what tools and materials yield the best results, how to prepare and make small repairs to furniture and how to achieve various finishes and decorative effects.

Paint like the pros

Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings, luminous paints that previously were sold only to professionals, are now available to the general public.

The paint was developed by artist Gretchen Schauffler, who wasn’t satisfied with the options on the market. It comes in three sheens: Delicate, with a finish similar to silk; Powder, a soft, suedelike finish; and Luscious, a shiny finish like satin.

The 209 hues are gathered into 19 collections that simplify color selection.

Schauffler sells color palettes on large cards that have a window in the middle, so you can look at the colors in the context of the setting.

The paint covers most surfaces in one coat and creates a washable finish that stands up to everyday wear, the company says. It has little odor and no volatile organic compounds.

Devine Color paints sell for $22.95 a quart or $59.95 a gallon ($49.95 for ceiling paint) at and

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