All tickets have been distributed for tonight's camp-closing scrimmage at Bresnan Arena in Mankato, but you can watch it streamed live on

Opening tap is 7 p.m.

Everybody should be good to go, except for veteran center John Thomas, who's hamstring has kept him out of much of camp.

Kevin Love is expected to play after missing Tuesday morning's practice with that swollen knee on which he got a precautionary MRI that proved negative.

Expect Kurt Rambis to mix teams up during the scrimmage itself, so they'll probably be some jersey swapping.

Should be fun to get the first real good look at Mike Beasley, Wes Johnson, Martell Webster, Nikola Pekovic, etc.

I'll jump on here from time to time and add a running commentary to this posting.


Here we go. Not exactly a "sell out." Here's your teams, at least to start. Rambis probably will mix them up some midway through this thing

White team: Darko, Klove, Martell, Ridnour, Wes Johnson, Ellington, DerMarr Johnson, Maurice Ager.

Black team: Michael Beasley, Corey Brewer, Nikola Pekovic, Anthony Tolliver, Sebastian Telfair, Lazar Hayward, Kosta Kofous, John Thomas (injured)

About 90 seconds in and...KLove made a nice pass to Darko and has been active, even if he his knee was bothering him yesterday.

If you're watching at, you just saw it: Wes Johnson is smoooooth. That jumper -- a 3 this time -- looks effortless.

Matchups so far: Love vs. Tolliver, Martell vs. Brewer, Darko vs. Pekovic, Beasley vs. Wes Johnson, Telfair vs. Ridnour.


Is this good or bad?: Kosta Koufos and Anthony Tolliver are stealing the show.

Koufos is scoring going hard to the hoop, Tolliver is showing a nice jumper, which was pretty much non-existant in the parts of scrimmages I saw leading up to tonight.

A couple other things:

* Wayne Ellington is having a nice camp. Just scored on a drive down the lane.

* Martell Webster has been awfully quiet on the court all week and hasn't been shooting it with much efficiently tonight.

* Overall, the boys, who should be a much, much better shooting team this season, aren't shooting it well tonight.

* Beasley just scored on a 1-on-1 matchup against Love, off a nice fadeaway on the right block.

* Just from their play tonight, here's how I'd rank the centers: 1. Koufos. 2. Pekovic. 3. Darko.

* There was a trade here in the second half: Ridnour for Telfair.


OK, I'm outta Bresnan Arena and out of Mankato. Hitting the road home to the Cities before it gets too late. Black wins, btw, 77-67, with Koufos, Tolliver and Beasley leading the way.



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