-MCTC coach Jay Pivec has been named to the 2010 NJCAA basketball hall of fame.

When I've argued that the school is foolish to drop a basketball program that brings the school positive local and national attention, I've heard a wide variety of arguments supporting president Phil Davis' decision.

I'll keep this simple so there is no misunderstanding: Good bosses don't get rid of their best people. Good bosses see the big picture. Good bosses protect that which benefits their organization. Good bosses take command of important decisions.

Pivec does good work that benefits individuals and the school as a whole. His latest honor is another testament to that fact.

-I keep saying I like Jonny Flynn. I'm just not sure how much I like Jonny Flynn.

He isn't going to grow any more. He's always going to be a matchup problem against big guards. He can shoot, and he can be dynamic off the dribble, but he's not a natural distributor, and his performances have fluctuated wildly this season. He'll have to become more of a three-point threat to open up the offense.

Last night against the Clippers, he was awful. We could ascribe that to rookie inconsistencies or the fact that he plays for a terrible team coming off a long road trip or the fact that the atmosphere at Target Center isn't exactly electric (the Wally-looking dude they hired to fire up the ``crowd'' would keep me from ever buying a ticket all by himself). But you're a rookie who is supposed to be developing into a leader of your team. You've got to do better than that.

-I will say this for the Wolves: They may have hit on the perfect formula for tanking a season to improve their lottery position. Tank early, so you don't get accused to tanking late. Tank by running an offense that confuses your players, so you don't have to put Mark Madsen in to shoot three pointers to ensure losses.

No matter how lousy they look, the Wolves' could be transformed by one good offseason _ adding, say, John Wall and a real center or a real wing scorer. It's not impossible. It's just hard to imagine this franchise getting lucky, or making a great decision. It's been a while.

-I was glad to see Kevin Love's rip of Randy Wittman the other day. Love said that Wittman told him not to shoot outside of 10 feet. Brilliant.

I reinstate my nomination of Glen Taylor/Kevin McHale/Randy Wittman as the worst owner/GM/coach combination in the history of the world.

-Joe Girardi didn't want to give up his uniform number, 28, to Curtis Granderson, so Granderson is taking 14.

Isn't that a bit ridiculous? I'm not even sure managers should wear uniforms. Girardi wears a pullover half the time, anyway. Why wouldn't he give up a number that is meaningless when he wears it?

Not a big deal, Just annoying. He could win 10 more titles and I'd still think Girardi was a bit of a phony.

-Writing about U football for Friday, Darrell Bevell for Sunday, covering the Vikings-Panthers game in Carolina for the Monday paper.

This Sunday on am-1500, from 10-noon, I'm trying for a guest from the Wild and Wolves, and a football writer or two, plus I get to celebrate my big week of NFL picks now that I've buried Reusse and Lane. Not that I would ever gloat.




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