Need a sign that reality TV is taking over the world? Try this Los Angeles Times story that the extended family of former South African President Nelson Mandela will be the subject of a new show, announced Thursday.

Easy, easy, Mandela himself isn't a part of it. It's more a look at how three of his granddaughters, including Zaziwe Manaway, above at left, make their way in the world with such a famous name to live up to. And if you are worried about yet another American pop culture export, then you might be heartened by this reaction:

Producers were at pains to reassure South Africans that the show wouldn't detract from Mandela's dignity, as the country's Twitterati bleated anxiously that a reality show might undermine the country's world-renowned former president.

"We're not wearing 'I'm a Mandela' T-shirts," said Swati Dlamini.

You might not like this reaction from the producer, however:

Producer Rick Leed said part of the reality show might be fiction and part of it fact.

"This may be part storytelling, part reality, except the story we are telling is real. ... It's not going to detract from the dignity of Nelson Mandela."

So which part is reality?

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