Ruben Nusz: B.C.

The “B.C.” in the title of this show is ambiguous. In a sense, it harks back to the ancient practice of applying paint to plaster. But it could also stand for “broken canvas” — Twin Cities painter Ruben Nusz poured wet plaster into molds made from blank canvases (yet another “B.C.”), then fractured the hardened form into pieces that he then painted and glued back together. The effect resembles a color field abstraction, but with a three-dimensional quality. And at the same time, “B.C.” very much reflects the fragmented climate of 2017 A.D. “Today, even our paintings are broken,” is how Nusz puts it. (Opening reception 6-8 p.m. Fri. Ends July 1. Noon-5 p.m. Sat. & Tue.-next Fri. Weinstein Gallery, 908 W. 46th St., Mpls. 612-822-1722 or