As we approach another Wisconsin fishing opener that is 2 weeks before our Walleye/Pike opener and 4 weeks prior to the Bass opener, I cannot help but wonder how nice it would be to keep all that early season fishing revenue in our state.  Over the years, my buddies and I have spent thousands of dollars each just in our small group by driving our boats and trucks, renting rooms, buying food, tackle and other supplies in Wisconsin.

I have spent quite a bit of time bass fishing in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and I can tell no difference in the fishing quality; which leads me to believe that the extra closed season has no benefit on protecting the resource.  So than, I ask, why not open our season at the same time as Wisconsin and take back the millions of dollars Minnesota anglers spend in Wisconsin every year?

Not to mention anglers from other states that choose Wisconsin as their early season trip destination, why not get some of those anlgers in Minnesota resorts and campgrounds?  I suppose there is no reason we need those extra funds, not like we are running a deficit and cutting DNR programs right now.....

I am sure resort, gas station, and bait shows in Minnesota are wondering the same thing.....

I feel only slightly better after writing this

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