TIME FLIES Samantha Steele, wife of Christian Ponder, posted several pictures on Instagram with the message, "Well, that about wraps up the best December of my life."

LETTING IT GO Tweet from @BTNGlenMason: "JJ Watt's dad stopped by BTN Set. Told BTN crew about never hearing from Brew after I got fired."

GOOD RIDDANCE? The vast majority of Bears fans commenting on the Chicago Tribune website seem to be happy that Lovie Smith was fired Monday.

I have seen it all -- or at least I thought I had. Unseen, at least in recent memory, is a game like the one Sunday: a game in which expectations were heightened because of so many factors (rivalry and playoff implications being chief among them), one that involves massive tension ... and a Vikings victory? As noted on RandBall, this is the kind of game that just doesn't happen for the purple. Other Web highlights: