One is for Elvis

Last week Mr. Tidbit broke his rule against reporting about new grocery products that are merely new flavors of existing products. Now there are several more unusual new-flavor items that seem somehow worth discussing, despite his misgivings. The new varieties of Planters peanut butter, for example, are odd enough that some might say they aren't even peanut butter. They are called Planters Nut-rition Energy Mix peanut butter, and the flavors are Banana Granola Nut, Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut and Berry Nut (in which the berries are cranberries).

Hazelnuts to you

The latest from Jif (which, as far as Mr. Tidbit can tell, still offers its Chocolate Silk peanut butter only in Jif To Go snack packets, not in jars) is hazelnut spread -- not peanut butter at all -- in two flavors: Mocha Cappuccino and Chocolate. The latter is rather like Nutella. At one store, where an 18-ounce jar of Jif peanut butter is $3.13 (17 cents an ounce), and a 13-ounce jar of Nutella is $3.79 (29 cents an ounce), a 14.1-ounce jar of Jif hazelnut spread is $2.99 (21 cents an ounce).

Uh-oh ...

Mr. Tidbit mentioned Candy Corn Oreos last week, and now there's another new Oreo: Triple Double Oreo Neapolitan. A year ago, when the first Triple Double Oreo appeared (it was three chocolate Oreo wafers, with two fillings between them -- one white, one chocolate), Mr. Tidbit noted that, if the Golden Oreo wafer was added to possible combinations, there was potentially a large array of Triple Double Oreos. Silly Mr. Tidbit hadn't even considered the idea of fillings other than white and chocolate.

The Triple Double Oreo Neapolitan is three Golden Oreo wafers with one chocolate and one (screamingly artificially flavored) strawberry filling. Given that peanut butter and mint Oreo fillings are available, and that Birthday Cake, Candy Corn and several others have made brief appearances, Mr. Tidbit feels it's his duty to warn of the immense variety of strange possibilities yet to come.