There are grocery product lines that Mr. Tidbit monitors closely (Oreo cookies, for example), and others that he checks on infrequently (Slim-Fast weight-control drinks, for example). Many grocery products occupy the half-world between those two categories, and Mr. Tidbit is reminded now and then to have a peek at them, often because he notices a new entry. That's the case with Fiber One, from General Mills.

Unless you're a Fiber One fan, you might be aware only of the original product, a breakfast cereal of which a single 1/2-cup serving contains 57 percent of the daily value for fiber. Mr. Tidbit has noticed, now and then, the introduction of more Fiber One cereals and other Fiber One items, but he surprised himself a year ago when he decided to see how vast the Fiber One empire had become: It was pretty vast.

He recently noticed a new cereal entry, which prompted him to check back on the entire Fiber One collection. Heading the current census is that new 80-calories-per-serving version of Fiber One cereal (Honey Squares), which has 40 percent of the daily value for fiber in a 3/4-cup serving. Also new are Fiber One 90-calorie brownies, in two flavors, each providing 20 percent of the daily value for fiber. Along with those new entries are five other versions of Fiber One cereal, five flavors of Fiber One chewy bars (containing 140 calories each), two flavors of (proportionately smaller) 90-calorie Fiber One chewy bars, five kinds of Fiber One yogurt, three Fiber One muffin mixes, two Fiber One pancake mixes, 10 Fiber One bread products (two kinds of bread, four kinds of muffins and one each of bagels, English muffins, hot dog and hamburger buns), and one lonely kind of Fiber One cottage cheese.

But there is slight reassurance for those who fear that Fiber One will swallow the Earth: Fiber One Toaster Pastries have vanished, and Fiber One milkshakes have disappeared from the main Fiber One website, which Mr. Tidbit believes does not bode well for them.