What's making news in Minneapolis:

"New North" enrollment slow to rise: North High School has a new principal and a turnaround consultant, but the high school that escaped closing needs more freshmen. (Steve Brandt)

Homeowner foreclosed on, but soldiering on: Monique White of Minneapolis, who fell behind on her mortgage when she hit a rough patch, has become a key figure in the anti-foreclosure movement, after her case was championed by the Occupy protestors. (Jennifer Bjorhus)

City considers restricting plazas: Occupy is also making waves with some downtown boosters, who want to restrict nighttime activities on city-owned plazas. (Eric Roper)

Viking stadium gains a roof, and some traction: GOP plan relies on bonding, not gambling, for state's share. Gov. Mark Dayton says idea is "worth pursuing." (Baird Helgeson and Mike Kaszuba)

Light rail may be Bottineau Line option: Recent public meetings found a preference for light-rail through the North Side and northwest suburbs, which would cost more than a busway but offer several advantages. (Kevin Duchschere)

Obituary - Dick Nelson, 85, fought for officers and families: Nelson, who lived in West St. Paul, served 26 years as a Minneapolis police officer and also fought for officers and their families as head of several police groups and as a law enforcement lobbyist. (Nicole Norfleet)

Plea deal ends protest over murder charge: CeCe McDonald's case drew the interest of gay, lesbian and transgender organizations. (Joy Powell)

City man charged with stabbing roommate (Nicole Norfleet)