City Hall clocks due for a $2 million facelift: The iron skeletons holding together the faces of the 22-foot-diameter timepieces, one of the city's most iconic and enduring landmarks, have rusted and deteriorated. The white panes themselves are streaked with brown rust visible from the street below. (Eric Roper)

Police officers, citizens honored for bravery, service: Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan handed out an array of awards to law enforcement officers and citizens on Wednesday for their heroism, professionalism and contributions to the public good. (Randy Furst) With video of John Sundahl describing how he subdued a big unruly guy.

Somali terror case in jury's hands: Testimony in one of the most significant terrorism trials since the Sept. 11 attacks concluded Wednesday without the defense of Mahamud Said Omar calling a single witness. (Dan Browning)

New housing boom helps jump-start economy: In Minneapolis, construction volume during September was $150.7 million, three times higher than last year. Last month alone, Minneapolis issued permits to build four new apartment buildings with 743 units. Already thousands of apartments are under construction. (Jim Buchta)

Public's help needed to find missing 85-year-old with Alzheimer's (Paul Walsh)

Teen sentenced for fatal beating of homeless man (Nicole Norfleet)