It is with great sadness that the RandBall organization today says good-bye to an original member. SuperRookie, as some of you might know, is moving to Florida very soon. As one of the first RandBall commenters back in December 2006 and, indeed, the very first Commenter Of the Week, the ookie holds a special place in this blog's lore. While we're fairly sure the Internet exists in Florida in spite of what happened to Al Gore in 2000, nothing is guaranteed.

But, as is often the case, even in times of sadness, there is opportunity. SuperRookie is having the latest in a string of 21st birthday parties tonight at Dusty's Bar in Northeast. This is a good chance to see a man who loves bicycles, soccer and weaseling his way into as much media coverage as possible. And if you love beer (DaveMN), RandBall history (Jon) uncomplicated bars (Clarence), hipsters (Stu), parlor games (Jama), convenient locations (Roughkat), Northeast habitats (Brandon), Opportunities/To Pay Respect To Elders/On A Summer Night (Rocket), long drives for strange reasons (AZGG, Lattewarrior), finally meeting this strange cast of characters in person (Darlo, Flextopia), facial hair (Muxhut, Fasolamatt) or just an excuse to go out on a Thursday night (everyone else), you should stop on by for an impromptu Redactular.

We will be there shortly after 9 p.m., with a departure time of 10:30ish. Roughkat is a confirmed guest. SuperRookie warmly encourages attendance. If not for him, do it for the epic old feuds he used to have with P3.

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