Three of the top candidates vying for the DFL endorsement Saturday pledged to end their campaigns if they don't get the party nod.

Among them was City Council Member Betsy Hodges, whose stance on abiding by the endorsement was unclear before the convention. Council Member Gary Schiff and Former Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Andrew had already pledged to abide.

That means the race could narrow significantly if an endorsement results from Saturday's convention. The other candidates, Don Samuels, Jim Thomas and Jackie Cherryhomes, said they would not abide by the endorsement, however.

Andrew has the most momentum heading into the first ballot, according to several insiders at the convention Saturday. But there is expected to be a push from other candidates to block any endorsement.

The question Saturday was whether the candidates would "end" their campaigns. During ward conventions, candidates were asked whether they would "suspend" their campaigns. One of those candidates, council member Meg Tuthill, said she would, but later questioned the meaning of the word "suspend."