This poem was written by Cold Spring police officer Thomas Decker's widow, Alicia Decker, and provided by her parents.


12:30 in the morning

My phone begins to ring

Who could be calling?


What bad news are they to bring?

Scared to answer

For calling is my mom

She asked if Tommy was working

My everything then went numb

For the streets are blocked off

All of Cold Spring shut down

Lights, sirens, and helicopters everywhere

I'm alone with no one around

Pacing back and forth

Waiting for some kind of news

Hoping for the best

Praying and hoping it's not you

The wife of an officer

Along with three men in blue

They're at our front door

Delivering me the bad news

It's Tommy said one

It was then my legs gave through

My biggest fear of all

Unfortunately now has come true