A look at some of the key business events and economic indicators upcoming this week:

Dave & Buster's

Restaurant and arcade chain Dave & Buster's Entertainment reports its first-quarter earnings on Monday. In April it reported higher earnings and sales for its last fiscal year, which ended Feb. 4. Wall Street expects the company will report earnings per share of $0.94 in the first quarter, down from $0.98 a year earlier.

Fed meeting ends

The Federal Reserve's rate setting committee ends a two-day meeting on Wednesday. Economists expect the central bank will raise interest rates for a second time this year. Fed Chair Jerome Powell said last month that moves by the Fed and other major central banks to increase rates shouldn't disrupt the global economy.

Adobe Systems

Photoshop software developer Adobe Systems reports its second-quarter earnings on Thursday. Wall Street forecasts Adobe's earnings per share jumped to $1.54 in the quarter, up from $1.02 a year earlier. The Silicon Valley-based company's stock has risen about 15 percent since March, when it reported strong first-quarter earnings and sales growth.