Boy, this has to be a difficult week for Brett Favre. Almost as difficult as last year's Super Bowl week.

A year ago, Favre threw the interception in the closing seconds of regulation to help lose the NFC Championship Game in New Orleans. Two weeks later, the Saints were where Favre should have been. Where he could have retired on top, thumbed his nose at Packers' GM Ted Thompson and kept Jenn Sterger from becoming a household name.

This week has to sting a little, too. Especially if Favre is paying close attention to the verbal man crush his former teammates are handing out to Thompson leading up to Super Bowl XLV on Sunday in Arlington, Texas.

Favre's former teammates haven't been disrespectful to Favre or criticized him. But what they're saying now about Thompson and the team's decision to trade Favre after he tried to return from retirement in 2008 speaks to how they truly felt back in 2008. Those players were put in a difficult position when Favre publicly criticized Thompson while trying to horn back in when Rodgers had spent the offseason preparing to be the starter.  

Donald Driver, one of Favre's closest friends with the Packers, said: "The Green Bay Packers made a decision and that decision was to make Aaron Rodgers the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. ... I think they made the right decision because Aaron has been, not one of the best, but the best since he has been a starter for the last three years. I have to take my hat off to him. You don’t ever think a guy is going to be able to fill another guys shoes. He decided he didn’t want to fill his; he wanted to wear his own. Aaron has worn his own shoes for the last three years."

Meanwhile, receiver Greg Jennings said Thompson is the main reason the Packers are where they are today.

"I think it kind of goes underrated sometimes because of some of the decisions he may have made in the past," Jennings said. "But with us being here, I think it kind of validates why he has made the decisions and made the moves that he’s made."

As for the decision to go with Rodgers over Favre, Jennings said, "We as players, we knew it would pay off."

Thompson was asked if he thinks there will be a point when the city of Green Bay will re-embrace Favre.

"Brett is a very important part of the Packers' history and he will be embraced by the Green Bay Packers," Thompson said. "The other part is that we've moved on from him."
Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy was asked if Favre's number will be retired.
"We want to make sure it's the right time for him and for us," Murphy said.