Conspiracy murder charges were filed Tuesday against Dangelo William Masterjohn, 22, who is accused of taking part in a gangland slaying of a young woman who allegedly witnessed an earlier killing.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Masterjohn, of St. Paul, who was charged on one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree premeditated murder for the benefit of a gang, and a second count for aiding an offender for the benefit of a gang.

Masterjohn is the third suspect charged in the death of Naressa Turner, 20, who was shot 14 times in a car parked behind the Pentecostal Church of God in the 900 block of Reaney Avenue on Oct. 14.

All three men are members of the East Side Boyz gang, said a St. Paul investigator quoted in the criminal complaint.

Police have tied a continuing gang feud in St. Paul to the shooting of Turner, who they think might have witnessed the unsolved killing of Dominique Neely, an East Side Boyz gang member, in February 2012.

Turner's relatives have said she didn't witness the killing but instead was named in a rumor started on Facebook.

Also charged on Nov. 14 were Cornelius Bell Jr., 24, of Shoreview, and Joseph Campbell, 20, of Chicago.

Masterjohn was seen in video surveillance from a nearby convenience store in the company of Bell and Campbell about 45 minutes before the shooting, the complaint said. The shooter, tall and wearing a mask, fired numerous rounds into Turner's head and neck, police said.

"The murder of Naressa Turner, done in association with a gang, would benefit the gang through retribution for the murder of one of its members," the complaint against Masterjohn said.

The complaint also said that on Oct. 19, when he was picked up by St. Paul police, he volunteered that he had been in Coon Rapids at a studio at the time of "that crazy [expletive]," referring to Turner's killing. He then declined to give a statement at the police station.

Masterjohn remained a fugitive Wednesday.

Since 2008, Masterjohn has made several court appearances in Ramsey and Washington counties for theft, disorderly conduct and operating a disorderly house.

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