Yesterday's church service, as is customary on the first Sunday in Lent, used a gospel associated with Christ's temptation.  We can all relate to temptation.  The tabloids remind us daily about celebrities and politicians who succumb to it. 

But the celebrant at the church I attended took things in a direction that was different from the customary.  He talked about the temptation to look the other way.  While the presentation wasn't particularly eloquent, passionate or stirring, it did get me to thinking about the concept. 

How many of us, when things are uncomfortable, or when doing the right thing might involve risk, simply look the other way?  Whether it is pretending to be pre-occupied when the collection plate comes around, or when our car is stopped next to the homeless guy at the exit ramp; standing mute when someone yells at, or berates their children or spouse in public; silently standing by while an acquaintence tells an off color, sexist or bigoted joke, or; actually watching someone else be victimized, it's safe to say most of us, at one time or another, have looked the other way.

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