We'll get to the Archie Zombies and the matter of Jughead's hat in a moment. 

First, that Miss Teenage Universe of America pageant clip:



It’s possible her brain came up with some answers she realized were not safe, and she defaulted to the More Education Answer. No one ever got in trouble for suggesting More Education.


ART It’s one of those quirky things that make the city special! Sweat-stained, vermin-infested mattresses.

First-time visitors to San Francisco are forgiven for mistaking the city for a great natural preserve for free-range mattresses. The blocky bed-pads and their symbiotic box springs have emerged as a dominant species – sunbathing on sidewalks like albino porpoises, lackadaisically leaning against trees and mailboxes, rubbing grimy surfaces with discarded IKEA sofas in dark alleys. They're seemingly everywhere except where they belong, which is the dump or recycling center.

The Bay Area's weird preponderance of mattresses has become an obsession for local photographer Amanda Durbin, who's shot probably a "couple few hundred" of them since 2009.

Well, it’s a living. The article speculates why people leave the mattresses on the street. Not listed as a reason is "there's no consequence for doing so."



CURRENT EVENTS Tension in Turkey: Policeman insists the photographer shoot the demonstrators, not the police.



If you’re just coming up to speed on this, an opinion piece from Forbes might help. “Wealth without fun” is the takeaway line, perhaps.



MOVIES Won’t be seeing this one.

For as long as the Archie comics have been in circulation, it’s incredible that it has taken this long for a film adaptation to be produced. Maybe it can be attributed to the fact that Archie comics have long been known to lack the same luster as something that comes from DC, Marvel, or Dark Horse. But Warner Brothers has finally found a way for the iconic comic book character to come alive on the big screen, with a slight twist of course.

It’s being reported that Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore has just signed a deal to helm an adaptation of Afterlife with Archie, a spinoff comic in which Archie, Jughead, Betty, and the rest of the gang having a run in with the undead.

This may make you care:

The screenplay will be based on the Afterlife with Archie comic, a new ongoing comic set to arrive sometime this that’s written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Glee).

Then again:

Aguirre-Sacasa rewrote the broadway musical Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

There’s a picture of Undead Jughead:



You can identify him by his cap. What was with those things? Did anyone really wear serrated caps? Based on this 1940s comic book ad: yes.