Are you looking for an electronics-related gift for the holidays? Here are picks from the best products of the year. Prices start as low as $15, and most things are under $100.

jHub Ultra Power Bank by Modern Portable, 19.99:

People depend on their phones for more and more things — which means more and more drain on their batteries. Rechargeable power banks typically are too large to comfortably carry, or too small to hold a meaningful amount of power. But jHub Ultra splits the difference with its combination of compact size and ample power. It’s perfect for charging everything from phones to tablets to cameras. Regular retail is $19.99, but you can get it for $14.99 with coupon code jhubfive at the Modern Portable’s website.

Tiggly Counts, $30:

An interactive counting toy for children age 3 and up, these physical blocks pair with iPad apps to build math skills.

NomadKey charging cable, $29:

This tiny charging cable fits on a keychain and is available for Apple Lightning and MicroUSB connections.

SJCAM SJ4000 action camera, $79 to $119:

This has an LCD screen on the back and delivers excellent 1080p/30 video footage that rivals or betters the entry-level GoPro models selling for much more. It comes with a waterproof housing and a wide variety of mounts. Wi-Fi and standard versions are offered, but I passed on the Wi-Fi because the camera already has a screen, and battery life without Wi-Fi is better. It has spawned many inferior imitators on eBay and Amazon. These knockoff also are called SJ4000, but the quality and performance is inferior. Be sure you get an authentic SJCAM SJ4000. I bought mine from to be sure I got the real McCoy.

Panasonic DMC-GM1 camera with kit lens, $749:

The best camera is the one you have with you, and this is a camera you will want to take everywhere. It’s beautifully designed, produces professional-quality photos and videos and is fun to use. It’s also impossibly small for an interchangeable-lens camera with a large sensor rivaling that of big, digital SLRs. The camera body is barely bigger than a deck of cards. Suggested retail is $749, but expect special discounts and bundles to be offered for the holiday season. If you need a viewfinder, check out its stablemate, the DMC-GM5.

HomeWorX HW-150PVR Personal Video Recorder, $38:

This personal video recorder has a built-in tuner and will record over-the-air HDTV broadcasts at full quality. Just connect an antenna and use an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV. Or, plug in an external hard drive. One drawback: It works only with over-the-air broadcasts, not cable.

OontZ Angle Plus Bluetooth speaker, $69:

The latest addition to the critically acclaimed OontZ Bluetooth speaker line has a passive radiator for stronger bass and upgraded drivers for the most-refined sound yet out of an OontZ speaker. It has 15 hours of battery life and works as a speakerphone as well.

ZVOX Audio SoundBase 555, $199 to $299:

This has become my favored solution for anyone looking for better TV sound without the expense, hassle and space requirements of a soundbar or full-home theater surround-sound system. It’s simple to set up and use, unobtrusive and, most important, sounds really, really good. It’s suitable for televisions from 37 inches to 55 inches and is on sale for $199 from $299, with free shipping. Other models are available for bigger or smaller TVs, but the 555 is a standout deal right now.

Grado SR60e headphones, $69:

These are giant killers, offering sweet sound that audiophiles prefer to Beats and Bose models selling for $300 or more. A reader wrote to me, “I compared the Grado SR60e to my Bose C15 headphones and for music, the Grados had by far the best sound, especially the highs. The Bose has noise cancellation and the ear cups were more comfortable, but for $300 vs. $79, they couldn’t match Grado’s sound.”

Schiit Audio Magni headphone amplifier, $99:

This small headphone amplifier makes a great addition to the Grado SR60e headphones. Connect the amplifier to a CD player or other component and enjoy clearer, stronger, more detailed sound from your headphones.

Definitive Technology Incline computer speakers, $249:

I loved these speakers at the $399 introductory price, and the new price point makes them even more attractive. They offer truly superior desktop sound, the best I have ever heard.


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