Indoor-outdoor sprayer

Wagner has introduced two paint sprayers designed for use indoors as well as outside.

The PaintReady Sprayer and PaintReady System both have a patented nozzle that requires no thinning of paint. They’re quiet and lightweight and can be used with interior or exterior latex paint, stains and sealers.

The PaintReady Sprayer is a handheld unit designed for midsize projects with larger surface areas, such as interior walls. The PaintReady System has a stationary base that connects to either of two handheld sprayers, one with the same capabilities as the PaintReady Sprayer and the other for fine finishes.

Both products are available at some Home Depot stores and at The PaintReady sprayer sells for $99.99 and the PaintReady System for $148.97. Shipping is free.

Wide-mouth bottles easier to fill

Ever make a mess trying to refill a spray cleaner bottle or a travel-size shampoo bottle?

Brincatti has a solution: The company sells wide-mouth refillable bottles that are easier to fill without spills or a funnel. Two types are available: a spray bottle that holds 22 fluid ounces and a travel-size bottle that holds 3 ounces, the Transportation Safety Administration’s limit for carry-on bottles. The travel bottle has either a flip-top pour cap for liquids or a spritz cap for things like hair spray.

The bottles are made of recycled plastic and are recyclable at the end of their life.

Brincatti bottles can be ordered at The spray bottle costs $3.65 and a package of four travel-size bottles costs $9.99. Shipping is extra.

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