Shower head speaker

If you love singing in the shower, why stop when the water does?

Kohler's new Moxie shower head has an integrated Bluetooth speaker that syncs with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or MP3 player to stream your favorite tunes. The speaker is removable, so you can move it around the house or recharge the battery.

The shower head is available with a spray of either 2 or 2.5 grams per minute, in either white or polished chrome finish.

Suggested retail price is $199; the item is available from home centers and other retailers that sell Kohler products. You can find a store near you at

Hardwood floor spots

Q: Our 45-year-old, waxed hardwood floor has some white water spots. Can you suggest a procedure to remove the spots? Should I then spot-stain them?

A: For a waxed floor, the National Wood Flooring Association recommends rubbing water stains or white spots with extra-fine (.000) steel wool and wax. If that fails, you can lightly sand with fine sandpaper, then clean the spot using very fine (.00) steel wool and mineral spirits or a wood floor cleaner.

Allow the floor to dry, then stain the spot, wax and hand buff.

You can use either a paste or liquid wax. Choose a good-quality wax, possibly from a flooring retailer.

Akron Beacon Journal