Bathroom cleaning assist

Scientists have yet to invent the self-cleaning shower. But if Self-Cleen ST3 lives up to its claims, it could be the next best thing.

The two-part coating repels water and the residue it leaves behind on bathroom surfaces, including hard-water deposits and soap scum, according to the manufacturer. It also makes it more difficult for mold, mildew and bacteria to grow.

Surfaces need to be cleaned and rid of scale deposits before the coating is applied, a process that involves spraying on the two parts, swirling them together with a cloth and wiping off the excess. The transparent coating provides a protective barrier, so treated surfaces can be wiped clean with white vinegar or a similar light cleaner.

The product can be used on a number of surfaces, including toilets, tubs, glass doors, tub and shower surrounds, plumbing fixtures and mirrors. Most surfaces need to be recoated every six months. Toilet bowls require recoating every three months.

A coating kit costs $39.95 at Shipping is extra.

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Automatic dehumidifier

The new DewStop Humidity and Condensation Fan Switch ($49) comes to the rescue if you’ve steamed up the bathroom.

Easily replacing an existing fan switch behind a Decora-style faceplate, the DewStop features a built-in sensor that automatically turns on the exhaust fan in response to a high level of condensation. The air extractor keeps humming for a half-hour before automatically shutting off. Under most circumstances, that’s sufficient time to clear away the moisture that nurtures mold and bacteria. DewStop also has manual controls, with a green “power-on” indicator light.

Philadelphia Daily News