Another kids and dogs related post from me.  Today it's related to Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer."

I recall reading his book a few years back and thought about how Cesar's methods could transfer to work and relationships. No, I'm not talking about  giving sharp "SSSSST!"  correction to your work colleagues or spouse. (although, at times,  I've been tempted.)  But I thought his advice about positive reinforcement and radiating a calm and confident energy made a lot of sense.

I just read about a recent from the New York Times style section (via Motherlode) that talks about applying "The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan's techiniques with parenting.

Hadn't really thought about that - but kids are emotional sponges and totally pick up on our energy. So why not practice the calm but assertive route?  He also recommends 45 minutes of exercise a day for a happy dog. We all know the benefits of letting kids go run at the park.  Exercise = happy kids (and parents too).

Common sense advice that can be applied in many situations why not parenting ?

You can read the article from the NYT here. "Becoming the Alpha dog in your own home"

And here is a link to a related post from the mentioned in the article  Raising Kids: Wisdom from the Dog Whisperer.