She came out of the woods and looked straight into my eyes..........
By 2 PM the river's water had turned to mud and fishing was done on this particular trout stream for the day. Lunch was long over due. A new plan had to be made. As we sat on the tailgate of the truck eating, the little red fox appeared. Her movement was apprehensive, but her mission was clear. As she paced back and forth, her eyes did not move from the food we held in our hands. The little nose had located the scent of our ham sandwiches and she would not be denied. Staring back in astonishment we melted like butter at the chance to feed this kit's hunger and partake in a bond with the natural world that most often defines the very soul of the fly angler. The next 30 minutes were spent taking pictures and video. The fox, constantly moving, was difficult to photograph. The only hesitations were to consume the food that were thrown her way, and at one point, glancing my finger with her needle teeth as she took the ham from my hand.
As we drove away our discussion about the fox continued. Would our behavior lead to the demise of the little fox? Had we compromised the very evolution that had taught these animals to be wary of us as predators? Had someone else fed this kit before us? Could you deny these eyes? Tell me your thoughts!

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