Brett Favre has been a distraction from the other wobbly, flippy-floppy story of the summer: is Ricky Rubio coming to Minnesota or is he not?

The answer Wednesday: he is staying in Spain with a different team. Or maybe he isn't.

Got that?

Media reports have vascillated between Rubio to Regal FC Barcelona being a done deal, to now not being a done deal. It sounds as though such a move is still a strong possibility, though colleague Jerry Zgoda notes this:

It still makes most sense that Rubio signs with the Wolves for this season because agent Dan Fegan knows the NBA collective bargaining agreement — and its rookie pay scale — could change significantly (and not in a good way) if his client remains in Europe two years and doesn’t sign an NBA contract until at least 2011, which is the summer when the current CBA is set to expire.

This saga has been playing out for about two months -- end of June until now, the end of August. The Favre thing was hot from the end of April through the middle of August, so Rubio still has a month-and-a-half to go to top No. 4 in terms of being the summer's top Flippy-Floppy Newsmaker.

Maybe he can just fund his buyout by touring as the Exotic Fourth Jonas Brother and get this all over with.

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