It brings a smile to my face whenever I think about my little 16ft Lund boat. Faded red in color, a testament to the amount of sun it has received from dancing on the water for over 30 years. Its 20 horsepower engine sputters with delight each spring when I awaken it from its deep slumber, and it more than willingly gives me enough speed to feel the wind on my face and reminds me to tighten my ballcap on my head. What makes a perfect fishing boat? Some may say size, some may say speed, and others may say price. I say, whatever boat brings you joy and allows you to be spending time on the water. These little boats are great for their low maintainance costs, their ease of operation, their fish-ability, and their low weight helps your fuel economy when towing. Also, they are so easy to launch and load, that they make you look like a professional at the boat landing when others are struggling with their larger boats with a parade of onlookers in line waiting their turn. I caught my first fish in a little red Lund boat my late grandfather owned, a pound and a half crappie my dad mounted for me over twenty years ago. Did I care that we could only go 15 miles per hour? No. Did we need the latest technology in graphs and sonar to catch my first fish? No. All I needed was a parent who cared and a little red fishing boat to get me on the water to make a memory of a lifetime. I do not plan on ever selling my boat, as requested by my soon-to-be-wife in a week, as she is permanently attached to this boat as I asked her to marry me onboard last summer as the sun was setting. So, if you're in the market for a boat, or come across a little red fishing boat for sale, think of yourself and your kids, and the memories you will make experiencing time on the water in your perfect fishing boat.

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