Wrote about the Vikings' roster for the Sunday paper.

My quick take on the NFL draft:

-I suspect Broncos coach Josh McDaniels may be in over his head. Having nice guys playing quarterback and receiver is a quaint idea, but it doesn't help you when you face third-and-10 and need a bullet pass to a dynamic pass catcher.

-I kind of like the Vikings' draft, but that's mainly because I had low expectations for a team that started the process with picks at the end of each round.

I kind of like Chris Cook, but I don't see him being a rookie starter even if Cedric Griffin can't play right away. I like the Toby Gerhart move, because, as Rick Spielman just said in a press conference, the Vikings have to have a real running back ready to go if anything happens to Adrian Peterson, and Gerhart's mass and underrated speed would at least be a threat that defenses would have to respect. (I'm guessing; who knows how good a pro he'll be?)

The Vikings spent their lower picks drafting for positional depth and special teamers, and I have no reason to doubt that they did well in that regard. I always thought Nate Triplett, the former Gopher, had an NFL body and made a lot of plays, for an example.

But, as I wrote for Sunday, the most important development of the offseason for the Vikings is still the return of Brett Favre, and even though any intelligent observer is 99 percent sure he's coming back, until he shows up in Minnesota (or New Orleans), he has an awful lot of leverage with this team.

If I were him, I"d ask for a raise.

-The Twins keep winning, and I keep feeling like they're playing at 80 percent, and they have so much talent that teams like Cleveland and Kansas City are lucky to avoid being swept.

It's rare that the two most important teams in town, the Twins and Vikings, are both so well-stocked and well-run at the same time.

-Every time I see Brandon Jennings draining a three-pointer in the playoffs, I wonder if Jonny Flynn might wind up being the fifth or sixth best point guard in his own draft. (Evans, Curry, Lawson, Rubio, Jennings...that's five who are better without me even looking up the rest of the draft.)

-The Gardenhire Show starts at 9:30 a.m. Sunday on 1500ESPN, followed by Sunday Sports Talk. We'll have at least one Vikings guest and at least one Twins guest, and I'm still working to fill out the show.

-Reminder: the band John Heidt and I are putting together, tentatively called Bumper Music, is playing May 20 at O'Gara's, in conjunction with Steve Rushin's book signing there. No cover charge, we plan to do three sets, with Tommy MIschke sitting in on piano and vocals for at least a few songs.

Mischke and Heidt are both very talented musicians. Me? I'm very enthusiastic.

-My regular appearances on 1500ESPN will be 2:35 pm. weekdays with Joe and Pat, and usually Monday and Friday nights in the 6 o'clock hour with Joe Anderson.

-My twitter name is Souhanstrib.


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